Codagenix Broadens Patent Protection for Codon-Deoptimized RSV Vaccine Candidates

Farmingdale, N.Y., July 1, 2020 – Codagenix Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing prophylactic vaccines and oncolytic virus therapies, today announced the issuance of a patent for a vaccine focused on a codon-deoptimized respiratory syncytial viruses (RSV) vaccine. Codagenix currently holds the exclusive license to this patent. The issuance of US Patent No. 10,695,414 broadens Codagenix’s intellectual property portfolio, covering codon deoptimization mutations in RSV F and/or G proteins of RSV.

RSV, a common respiratory virus, is the most common cause of bronchiolitis and pneumonia in children under one year of age. In adults aged >65, RSV infection leads to hospitalization of ~177,000 of which ~14,000 die annually. There is currently no vaccine to protect people from RSV infection.

Codagenix is developing a live-attenuated vaccine against RSV in the elderly that will enter clinical trials later in 2020. The Codagenix vaccine is based on its proprietary computer algorithm that redesigns viral genomes with to carry various extents of silent mutations that slow down production of viral proteins, thereby weakening the virus. Codagenix deoptimized viruses grow to robust titers in manufacturing cell lines but do not cause illness in people and animals. Codagenix’s RSV vaccine has shown excellent safety and efficacy in non-human primate models, eliciting both antibody and cellular-based immune responses and protecting against RSV infection.

“The issuance of this patent expands Codagenix’s intellectual property portfolio to include all modified RSV viruses in which the F and/or G genes carry more deoptimized codons than the native virus,” said CEO of Codagenix, J. Robert Coleman, PhD, MBA. “We have always had codon-deoptimization as part of our platform, and this latest issuance further solidifies the IP position around our RSV vaccine portfolio,” commented Coleman.

The patent on deoptimized RSV viruses builds on the patent family, covering modulation of replicative fitness of viruses by deoptimization of synonymous codons that is exclusively in-licensed by Codagenix for human and animal health.

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