Oncology Programs:

Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Activate the immune system to help recognize and kill tumor cells and prevent metastasis.

The Codagenix breast cancer oncolytic virus is safe when injected into animal models. In pre-clinical experiments, a series of injections of CodaLyticTM can re-activate the immune system, helping it to recognize and kill tumor cells and prevent metastasis. CodaLyticTM is designed to be safe without previous vaccination against the oncolytic virus. This is a significant advantage for patients who are suffering from immunosuppression due to prior cancer therapy or disease.

Disease overview

Each year, there are 170,000 new cases of triple negative cancer (TNBC) worldwide. Cases of TNBC tend to have worse prognoses and higher likelihood of recurrence. Primary treatment for TNBC is radical surgery and chemotherapy. Codagenix is developing a new approach – a series of intratumoral injections with a virus that does not cause harsh side-effects and is designed to shrink the primary tumor and prevent metastasis. Codagenix’s oncolytic is designed to improve improve the efficacy of existing therapies (checkpoint inhibitors + paclitaxel) while minimizing side effects.


New cases worldwide
Each year


Breast cancer cases in the US
Are triple-negative