Our Technology

Slow translation of viral proteins to weaken viruses

Codagenix developed a breakthrough approach to live-attenuated virus design that results in prophylactic vaccines and oncolytic viruses as solid tumor therapeutics. The Codagenix platform is based on a computer algorithm that rationally redesigns viral genomes to reduce viral gene function. Codagenix designed viruses stimulate robust T cells and antibodies but are non-pathogenic.

1. Recode

2. Synthesize

3. Transfect

4. Recover

How it works

Viral genomes are processed by Codagenix’s computer-based algorithm to introduce hundreds of silent mutations into the genome to use codon pairs that are underrepresented in human cells (1). The resulting genome that is “de-optimized” for translation in the human host cell is synthesized from scratch (2), assembled into a whole genome, transfected into cells (3) and live, “de-optimized”, attenuated viruses are recovered (4). This rapid, cell-culture based process can generate lead vaccine candidates ready for animal studies in weeks as compared to months, for traditional approaches to attenuating live viruses.

Live-attenuated vaccines that are fast and cost-efficient to produce

All live-attenuated vaccines were developed using a trial-and-error based method developed in the 1880s, pre-dating the discovery of the DNA double helix. The process of continuous passaging and adaptation to eggs is time consuming, costly, and produces unpredictable viruses that may revert to pathogenicity with just one or two mutations. Taking a different approach to vaccine production, Codagenix vaccine viruses are 100% identical to the circulating viral strain at the amino acid level, ensuring robust cellular and antibody responses while remaining fully attenuated. Codagenix is designing these vaccines to be fast and cost-effective to produce, aiming to stop outbreaks before they spread.

Harnessing viruses to induce robust anti-tumor immune response

Codagenix oncolytic viruses are elegant in their simplicity. We seek to harness the natural ability of certain viruses to induce robust immune responses and attenuate them with our deoptimization platform. The broad immune response induced by our oncolytics, combined with the oncolytic’s atypical RNA/DNA sequences resulting from our re-design can turn cold tumors hot and promote antigenic spread, resulting in tumor clearance, prevention of metastases, and broad anti-tumor immunity in animal models.

High levels of immune cell infiltrate in tumors injected with Codagenix oncolytic (right) as compared to control tumors (left)