Vaccine Programs:

Agricultural and Companion Animal Vaccines

Highly efficacious, low-dose animal vaccines

Agricultural animals require vaccination to remain healthy and pathogen free. Codagenix vaccines are highly efficacious at low doses, allowing the manufacture of vaccines at low cost for farmers. In collaboration with a large pharmaceutical partners, Codagenix is developing vaccines against bovine and swine pathogens. Codagenix also developed vaccine candidates for dogs and horses. Lastly, Codagenix is developing vaccines against foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV) in collaboration with the USDA.

Codagenix vaccines are effective at very low doses (10-100 fold lower doses that commercially available live attenuated vaccines), allowing for significant cost savings during manufacture. For example, only 10,000L of culture are needed to produce 1 million doses of a Codagenix vaccine for swine.