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CodaVaxTM-H1N1 for seasonal influenza

The Codagenix influenza vaccine, CodaVaxTM-H1N1, was constructed using Codagenix’s proprietary, software-based algorithm to “de-optimize” the influenza HA and NA gene segments for reduced translation in human cells, thereby decreasing the virus’s ability to spread and grow. Preliminary data from Phase I clinical trials show that the vaccine is as safe as placebo and generates an immune response against influenza viruses from multiple seasons and multiple decades (e.g. influenza viruses from 1970s and 1930s). CodaVaxTM-H1N1 has an open an IND from the FDA.

2017-2018 Influenza Season

48.8 million

Flu cases in 2017-18
Current vaccine <37% effective




deaths from influenza

Influenza vaccines have been plagued by low efficacy and short supply during outbreaks. CodaVaxTM is positioned to be the first scalable, safe, and highly effective universal influenza vaccine. Unlike other live-attenuated influenza vaccines, CodaVaxTM generates a broad robust immune response and does not rely on chicken eggs for production. CodaVaxTM is grown in cell culture, which allows Codagenix to rapidly scale up production of the vaccine during an outbreak.

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