Vaccine Programs:

Timeline for Development

Timeline for development of a Codagenix vaccine from virus sequence to manufacturing

Only the outbreak strain’s digital sequence is needed for Codagenix to generate a lead vaccine candidate. We digitally generate a full-length, deoptimized genome based on the outbreak sequence 3-5 days after acquiring the sequence. Using commercial de novo synthesis, we synthesize and then assemble the genome fragments. We then identify the deoptimized strains that grow well in FDA-recognized manufacturing cell lines, and test safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity in non-human primates (NHPs, emergency) or small animal models (non-emergency). The lead vaccine candidate is then ready for cGMP manufacturing.

Day 0

Day 1
Target deoptimized

Day 7

Day 17
ID mfg cells


Days 18-47: NHP safety/efficacy

Day 48
Clinical lot manufacturing


Days 18-59: In-vivo safety/efficacy

Day 59
Clinical lot manufacturing